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Pre-Marital Counseling

Lawson Marriage Fellowship was founded in 1993 by Ralph and Cathy Lawson. The primary purpose of this fellowship is to provide an oasis; a place where a husband and his wife can have true communication with other Christian couples, rejuvenating their relationship. Here they can shed the weights of the day-to-day pressures that squeeze out God’s love from them.  The fellowship is based in Southern California.

More about Ralph and Cathy:

  • The Lawsons were ordained ministers of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in July of 2021.
  • Currently Prepare/Enrich Trainers January 2020
  • Marriage Mentors from BIOLA  March 2017
  • Prepare Enrich Facilitators since 2015
  • Zoe Marriage Ministry Leaders since 2007
  • Founders of Lawson Marriage Fellowship since 1993
Pre-Marital Sessions include books, assessments and materials.
Contact the Lawsons for pricing.

Schedule a 30 minute Free Conference

ONLY ONE FREE SESSION PER PERSON, PER COUPLE OR FAMILY (Must fully complete form below before meeting)

* Due to the time invested by the Lawsons and staff, unattended sessions without notification may result in session privileges cancelled. Cancellations policy: Cancellation of session must be 24 hours in advance. You may cancel by phone or email. 

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