Lawson Marriage Fellowship was founded in 1993 by Ralph and Cathy Lawson. The primary purpose of this fellowship is to provide an oasis; a place where a husband and his wife can have true communication with other Christian couples, rejuvenating their relationship. Here they can shed the weights of the day-to-day pressures that squeeze out God’s love from them.  The fellowship is based in Southern California.

We want all couples attending the fellowships to feel a sense of connection and openness. We strive to have an atmosphere where they feel confident in sharing things that are working for their relationship as well as those issues causing conflict. What is shared in the fellowships remain there. As in most groups and cultures the sitting down and sharing of a meal always garners a sense of community, so at LMF gatherings, a meal is always a part of our time together.

We also play fun games both secular and bible related. The sharing of the Word of God and how it relates to marriage is the foundation for the meeting. There is an opportunity for couples to share from their hearts and seek advice from couples with longevity in their relationships. Many of the couples that fellowship with us are strong in the Word of God and are always willing to share a word of encouragement to those in attendance. At our retreats special guest couples head sessions on marriage.

LMF Founders
Ralph and Cathy Lawson
Couples Fellowshipping: When we get together at our events, information is shared on how to improve our marriages but we also make sure to have time to fellowship with each other over a good meal, games and even dancing. We want married couples to always remember to keep the fun in their relationship.
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